Yalan Episode 3

Accused of being her husband’s murderer, Melike is released from prison after twenty years. With no other desire than to reunite with the daughter she has longed for, Melike is unaware of the world of lies awaiting her outside. Melike will face not only lies but also her husband’s vengeful family, who have been counting the days for revenge. After learning the big secret about Melike’s daughter from Hülya and Cengiz, Hazal takes immediate action. Her path also crosses with Berrin Aksoy and her daughter, Duru Aksoy. Berrin thinks she can easily get rid of Hazal but is sorely mistaken. In trying to get rid of Hazal, Berrin makes a mistake that pulls Melike and Duru into the events as well. Now, the truth is on the verge of being revealed, and everyone’s future depends on Hazal.

Serie: Yalan

Episode Title: Episode 3

Air Date: 2024-05-27